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The owners of Freight Breakers have been working together for over 20 years. This team of professionals have worked from the ground up to understand all aspects of warehouse operation and distribution management. At Freight Breakers, we will continue to study the market and strive to find new and better ways to improve business.

Freight Breakers is a full-service warehouse management company owned and operated by two highly qualified, knowledgeable distribution management executives. Each with over 20+ years of successful hands on experience in managing large-scale distribution warehouses.

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Although Freight Breakers specializes in providing Dock Unloading and Loading Services for clients, our expertise includes all aspects of distribution warehouse management and all attendant services such as product stocking, product banding/wrapping, manifesting/staging shipments, corrugated bailing/recycling, pallet management, and freight running.

Additional Services

  • Unloading
  • Loading
  • Consulting
  • Building Displays
  • Product Put-away
  • Product Checking
  • Selecting and Auditing
  • Stocking
  • Special Project Work
  • Freight Running
  • Product Banding/Wrapping
  • Corrugated Bailing/Recycling
  • Pallet Management
  • Labeling
  • Dock Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • General Housekeeping
  • Sanitation


To develop a high-quality business partnership with our customers by seeing their business through their eyes and responding with a desire and passion to exceed all expectations.


We continue to invest and grow in our core business of unloading. We will continue to advance in technology to strengthen our service and operations. We will continually study our customer’s operation, anticipate their needs and desires of our service.